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Meanwhile in New York: Teacher Sucked Man’s Nipples During Zoom Class, A Lesson No Student Will Ever Forget

Most of what you learn in any given year of high school is instantly forgotten as soon as summer starts. But one New York teacher gave her students a lesson they’ll remember forever.

It happened when Amanda K. Fletcher, a Spanish teacher at Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering, engaged in an “inappropriate sexual act” during a Zoom class. According to a report on the incident by the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools, about 12 minutes before the end of class, Fletcher appeared onscreen eating spaghetti with a shirtless man. Then, she inexplicably began to suck his nipple while rocking her head back and forth. When she finished, her face “turned in full view of the screen, and she gyrated her shoulders and smiled.”

Then it was back to business as usual. Fletcher resumed teaching and discussing a worksheet. It didn’t take long, though, for videos of the bizarre behavior to make the rounds on Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Whether or not this was some kind of unintentional exhibitionism (a la Jeffrey Toobin) is unclear. Fletcher isn’t talking. (How can she? Her tongue is otherwise occupied.)

If Fletcher was trying to shock her students on purpose, she certainly succeeded – but she also put her $105,588 salary at risk (which is pretty sweet bank for a secondary teacher). She has since been “reassigned” and the Department of Education says it will “pursue disciplinary action” against her, though this scandal is already over six months old and she’s still on the payroll.

Oh, well. We’re sure if she does get fired, she’ll find a lucrative new career on OnlyFans. As for her students, we hope that at the very least, they learned that nipples are erogenous zones for men, too. Just kidding. We hope they learned is that when you need to get your freak on, for goodness sakes, turn your freakin’ camera off. Nobody wants to see you get down and dirty.

Cover Photo: 1001nights (Getty Images)

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