Meanwhile in Florida: Zoom Enthusiast Hacks Into Virtual Classroom, Exposes Himself As Both Savant and Pervert

It was bound to happen; we just didn’t think it would happen this soon. With schools transitioning to online learning, many classes are being taught virtually. Teachers use a wide array of technology to attempt some semblance of normal “teaching,” but the biggest tool seems to be Zoom, a video conferencing service that allows multiple people to log in to one meeting if they have the specific code. Unfortunately, these apps are bound to be hacked into, and that’s exactly what happened in Orange County, Florida.

According to reports from the Apopka Police Department, during an eighth-grade Zoom class, a man hacked into the teacher’s meeting and exposed himself to the students and teacher. One student told his mom that he and his classmates “were in class, all of a sudden a man came on the screen who was naked and exposed himself.” The child continued, saying that the act was “really weird and disgusting.”

We couldn’t agree more and, while authorities are currently investigating the incident, no arrests have been made. We just don’t understand why people with obvious intelligence can’t use their powers for good. Why would you waste your time being a creepy predator when you could be doing so much cooler stuff, like hacking into the Pentagon, or Wall Street, or American Idol voting results? We’re just saying, there’s better stuff to do with your time and your very specific set of skills, rather than being a creep to schoolchildren who are just trying to maintain some semblance of normality.

Cover Photo: CamEl Creative (Getty Images)

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