Meanwhile In Florida: Meth Gators Are Back (And Eating Men Who Overdose on Meth)

Did anyone have as good a holiday as the meth gator? According to a Florida newspaper report, the reptile feasted on the remains of a man who’d overdosed on meth, earning himself the title as the luckiest drug-addled bull east of the Mississippi. The gator, who was found tweaking nearby the man’s body, was taken into custody and interrogated by authorities before confessing to his holiday indulgence. But a coroner’s report quickly released him of any wrongdoing when it was discovered that the victim had died hours before the alligator’s lunchtime. Although the charges of manslaughter were dropped against the scaly degenerate, he was fined for loitering, a small price to pay for the Christmas gift of a lifetime.

Photo: David Pattyn/Nature Picture Library (Getty Images)

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