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Woman in her 60s reclining in traditional white bath against grey wall. Senior woman with grey hair taking a bath, smiling and comfortable. Quality time to relax and unwind, time for yourself.

Woman Rescued After 8 Days in Bathtub, Expected to Join the California Raisins Next Summer on Tour

Help! She’s fallen and she can’t get up! For, like, eight days. An unnamed UK woman was recently rescued from her own bathtub after being stuck in it for more than a week. The woman, who utilizes Meals on Wheels, was repeatedly contacted for her meal delivery service and, when the calls continued to go unanswered, the company contacted the police. Authorities entered the woman’s apartment to find her spread eagle in the bathtub. She was said to be “in good health, but hungry,” which makes sense since Meals on Wheels forgot to bring her Salsbury steak when they came to rescue her. Still, we’re glad she was saved and we’re happy to report the newly wrinkled woman will be taking over drums during the upcoming California Raisins reunion tour.

Cover Photo: JohnnyGreig (Getty Images)

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