Kid Gets Stuck And Has To Be Rescued After Trying To Recreate Photo

Photo: BrianAJackson (Getty Images)

We really don’t want to find ourselves laughing at a kid. But boy, it’s hard not to chuckle at this poor kid who had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a National Trust monument.

It all kicked off when seven-year-old Max Morgan and his family traveled to Wightwick Manor in Britain’s Wolverhampton. When Max was two, his family took a photo of him inside the  stone pinnacle. Well guess what? His mother Jana wanted to recreate that photo. And well, that was a huge mistake as Max got completely stuck. For three hours.

Here’s a closer look at this kid’s not so shining moment:

Photo: Twitter

According to the Telegraph, Max was set free using an abrasive wheel, which is usually used to free car crash victims. So yeah, this kid was pretty damn stuck in that monument.

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Max’s father, George has this to say:

“The hole is about 3ft deep, Max was climbing on top of it and managed to get in, and he was crouched down inside and got his knees stuck. He was finally free at around 6.30pm. Max was worrying but my wife managed to calm him by singing to him.”

The monument is one which is climbed on a lot by kids. Max has actually being playing on it since he was around two years old. The monument is like two pillar tops placed on top of one another, the hole on the top one is smaller than the bottom. Staff from the trust tried to help pull him out but it was no good.”

Let’s be honest: Max’s parents are to blame. Believe it or not kids grow up and aren’t the same size they were five years prior. But it looks like these parents needed their child to get stuck in a hole for them to realize that. Couldn’t they have just looked at his baby photos and remember a time when he wasn’t so awful? That’s what normal parents do.

Have you parents ever made you do something dumb?