Santa is Stuck in the Chimney! Pair of Boots and a Santa Hat stuck out the Fireplace on Christmas Morning! Maybe he ate too many mince pies!

Meanwhile in Nevada: Teen Stuck in Chimney Rescued in Time For Hallmark Christmas in July Movie Nobody Asked For

We’ve all done stupid things in our lives (long pause). But never have we ever locked ourselves out of our house then broken in through the chimney only to get stuck like some amateur Santa Claus.

It happened in a small town on the outskirts of Las Vegas, where a naughty teen gambled and lost in the most embarrassing way possible. The 18-year-old girl (who showed real Christmas spirit) has chosen to remain anonymous in what was probably the only good decision she made that day.

Here’s how it went down.

After getting locked out of her family home, the teen tried breaking in through the normal channels. But when no windows or doors did the trick, she got this brilliant idea that can only be described as a Christmas miracle: She ho-ho-hoed her way onto the roof and shimmied down the chimney.

Unfortunately for our elfin friend, she couldn’t bypass the flue at the bottom of the smokestack. Upside down and with gravity working against her, she had no choice but to stay put.

On the bright side, there were no chestnuts roasting under an open fire at the time. And before long a neighbor happened by the home after hearing strange cries emanating from the sky, eventually realizing that an actual human person had voluntarily climbed into the chimney and gotten trapped.

The neighbor called 911 and a bunch of firefighters (possibly named Blitzen and Rudolph), flew onto the roof to save the day – though it took another half hour to pluck the teen from her sooty shaft using a rope and some Christmas grit care of the Henderson Fire Department.

“Henderson firefighters are trained for confined space rescue and pulled the uninjured girl to safety,” the fire department said. But they’re not trained to laugh uncontrollably while performing a rescue. That part came naturally.

In classic holiday tradition, the story has a happy ending. Since firefighters had to break into the house as part of their rescue operation, the teen technically did succeed in gaining access to her home after all. Hooray. (Can someone please give this girl the gift of a spare key?)

But what was so urgent she needed to break in through the chimney? Was she trying to deck the halls before her parents came home? Hide drugs she’d left out earlier in the day? Or was it simply a case of not wanting to pee in the bushes? At this point, it’s a mystery only Hallmark can solve.

Cover Photo: LazingBee (Getty Images)

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