Meanwhile On TikTok: Woman Locks Cheating Boyfriend Out Car When ‘Pizza Hut’ FacesTimes Him (C’mon Bro, You Can Cheat Better)

There comes a time in every young man’s life where he decides, haphazardly to juggle two women. There’s the babe he’s dating and that other woman who’s saved in his phone as “Social Security Office,” “Postmates,” or “Pizzahut.” This brings us to a TikTok posted by @andreaspoly.

Andreas is having a bad day. How bad you ask? Well, “Pizzahut” is Facetiming his phone, which his girlfriend has confiscated. She’s also locked poor Andreas out of the car because cheaters are never as smart as they like to think they are.

While Andreas tries to justify why he’s getting a Facetime from “Pizzahut” his girlfriend Maria demands to know why “Pizzahut” is Facetiming him. That’s when he tells her, “It’s a business call,” the proverbial record scratches, and Maria answers.

@andreaspolyIT WASNT PIZZA HUT ##cheater ##fyp ##MACscaraface ##comedy♬ original sound – Andreas Polychronis

The video stops right before we get to watch Andreas have a full-blown heart attack. If we can learn anything from Andreas it’s the beauty of giving up the iPhone for an Android. That way you, and more importantly your actual girlfriend, never, ever have to deal with a Facetime from “Pizzahut.” Ever. Again.

Cover Photo: via @andreaspoly (TikTok)



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