Meanwhile on TikTok: How a Toxic Breakup Is Exactly Like Canceling Any Subscription Service

Breakups are never easy. Especially when they’re between two totally unstable people who simply breakup to makeup, the foundation of the toxic relationship. Of course, the best place to explore the highs and lows of a toxic relationship is obviously TikTok. That’s what user @breesboredinthehouse did when she used the audio from @michi_smalls to explain the similarities of leaving your toxic relationship with canceling a subscription service.

Sort of like your worst relationships, subscription services suck you in with big promises, only to let you down after a few months. And when you finally figure out the number for customer service and call to cancel, becuase you can’t ever do it digitally, they offer you more shit you don’t want. When that doesn’t work, they offer it for even less than you were paying prompting you to ask yourself, “That was available the whole time?” Because it should always be obvious when you’re getting conned.

@breesboredinthehouse Men….. (also drop any tips for these flyaway hairs ) ##fypシ ##GetYourJeansOn ##dating ##toxic♬ original sound – Michi Virgilio

If we’ve learned anything from this TikTok, it’s the biggest flex when quitting anything toxic, and that includes your relationship, subscription service, or even your job, is setting the mood by playing extremely dramatic music in the background.

Cover Photo: via @breesboredinthehouse on TikTok