Meanwhile in Oklahoma: Missing Murder Suspect Arrested After Commenting on Police Facebook Post (You’ll Never Guess What She Asked For)

We’ve all been there. You come across a Facebook post you’d do well to steer clear of, but instead of walking away, you linger. For whatever reason, the post is just too juicy to resist, and against your better judgment, you jump into the comments section with the first thing that pops into your head.

Only, it usually doesn’t get you arrested.

Not so for Lorraine Graves, who was scrolling Facebook last week when her face popped up as Tulsa Police’s Weekly Most Wanted for Accessory to Murder. (BTW, way to make murder fun again, Tulsa PD.) Rather than shit a brick and skip town, Graves decided to crack her knuckles and start typing.

Within hours of the post going up, Graves commented to ask about the reward money for her own capture. Like a woman who’d just won a fake sweepstake, she wrote, “What’s where’s the reward money at?”

Now, judging from the picture Tulsa PD posted on their social media it looks like nobody ever explained to Lorraine how these things work. But typically, when you’re the face on the wanted poster, you don’t get to collect any reward money for turning yourself in.

Lesson learned.

No surprise twist here, guys. Police used Lorraine’s lottery-winner-level excitement to pinpoint her location, and within 24-hours, made the arrest in north Tulsa near 36th St. N. and Garrison Ave. She’s now being held on $500,000 bail.

Take it from Lorraine Graves: Next time you feel the urge to comment on some random Facebook post, just take a deep breath and keep scrolling. It could end up saving you from a world of trouble.

Cover Photo: Facebook (Tulsa Police Department)

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