Hot Woman Told ‘My Kids Don’t Want to See Your Ass’ in Note From Angry Neighbor, And We Beg to Disagree

Real talk: We enjoy walking around in the buff in the privacy of our own homes. We wouldn’t begrudge anyone who does the same, especially not a sexy young woman with a bangin’ bod and beautiful face. Ah, but we are not some uptight shrew in England with kids of her own who uses them to justify her own prudishness.

We’re talking about a recent uproar in the UK that involved an Essex resident named Alexandria Taylor. The 26-year-old mother of two was wearing a T-shirt and French lingerie (quite the combo) on a recent Sunday night as she went around the house locking the door and turning out the lights before bed. Apparently, she neglected to close the blinds while doing so, because the next morning, she found an angry letter on her car.

“It would be much appreciated if you could [at] least shut your blinds when walking naked! Around your house…,” the poorly punctuated letter in desperate need of Grammarly read. “My kids do not and would not like to see your ass out on the show. Much appreciated, your neighbors.”

“It’s the most bizarre thing that’s ever happened to me, I can’t get my head ’round it,” Taylor told Kennedy News. “I was so livid that someone had the audacity, who is supposed to be my neighbor, to go out of their way and leave a note on my windscreen rather than just knocking on the door and confronting me about it. Maybe they’re just not confrontational, but for me, if I’ve got a problem, I’ll quite happily say it to someone’s face.”

Even if they had confronted her, though, it sounds like Taylor was completely unapologetic (and we don’t blame her): “I was wearing a T-shirt and French knickers — they covered a lot of my bum,” she said. “To be honest, they’re lucky, because normally I walk around in a lot less than that.”

Taylor posted the letter to Facebook and received a slew of supportive comments in response, such as:

“It’s your house you wear what you like inside of it!”

“Must have a nice bum babe, someone’s Mr was clearly caught having a look.”

“I’m a naked neighbour and I couldn’t care less. People shouldn’t look into others houses if they don’t like what they see.”

We don’t know why your neighbors’ undies got all in a twist, Alexandria, but if you’re looking for new neighbors – or even better, roommates – we will do anything and everything we can to accommodate you. Clothing optional.

Cover Photos: Facebook



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