Nicki Minaj Teases New Music With Nearly Nude Instagram, Proving Press Releases Are a Thing of the Past

Back in the day, musical artists announced new tunes with press releases, advanced copies of singles, and old-fashioned advertising. Now, singers just appear naked on Instagram and let the album sales figure themselves out. Take Nicki Minaj, for example. Last week, the 38-year-old rapper stripped down to her skivvies to tease a new track.

A pair of topless pics showed Minaj in her “beauty room,” a hot-pink salon-like space. She wore an “ICON” hat over her long, straight hair; a Barbie necklace around her neck; and what appeared to be a multi-colored thong as she perched on a leather chair. Her forearms and hand covered her nipples, though there was no hiding her ample breasts.


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“New [music emoji] @ MIDNIGHT Going LIVE from my BEAUTY ROOM @ 11PM EST. DON’T MISS IT,” she captioned the pics.

With over 4.1 million likes, it’s safe to say her fans were ready to welcome her back to the music world after an extended absence, during which she gave birth to a baby boy and lost her father to a hit-and-run accident.

Minaj previously shared lyrics from the song, “Fractions,” in another pair of seductive Instagram pics.


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“Btchs act like they want action, heard they want action, btch we aint duckin no action. I’m bout to giv’em dat traction, send a distraction— then ima line’em like FRACTIONS,” she captioned those shots.

We don’t know what all that means, but we can interpret her body language perfectly, and all we have to say in response is: damn girl, you are fine. We may not be avid listeners of your music, but you have our undivided attention when it comes to your Instagram.

Cover Photo: Leon Bennett / Stringer (Getty Images)

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