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US model Bella Hadid is dressed by spraying Fabrican Spray-on fabric during the Coperni Spring-Summer 2023 fashion show as part of the Paris Womenswear Fashion Week, in Paris, on September 30, 2022. - Dr Manel Torres (L), is the managing director of Fabrican Ltd and inventor of the spray-on fabric, used to create a minimalist Coperni slip dress directly onto Hadid's body. (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP) (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA/AFP via Getty Images)

Watch Bella Hadid Rock Sexy Spray-On Dress at Paris Fashion Week

Attendees at Paris Fashion Week got an eyeful at the Coperni Spring-Summer 2023 show earlier this week when Bella Hadid walked onto the runway in a G-string and nothing else. She paused on a platform and as spectators gawked, two men started spraying her body with white paint as she covered her breasts.

Within 15 minutes, the model was somehow wearing a 3D spray-on dress, complete with shoulder straps and a slit up one thigh.


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The experience seemed to make as much of an impression on Bella Hadid as it did on fashionistas. She posted several pics of the spray-on dress process, writing, “There is no singular person more important than the next. Only together can we make magic….”


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For those interested in how the hell this was possible, the frock was made with Fabrican, which The Cut described as “a liquid fiber, bound together with polymers, bio polymers and greener solvents, that evaporates when the spray reaches a surface” (like a model’s body).

“Fashion designers need new materials and fabrics to create products to address evolving lifestyles and consumer demands,” the show notes read. “In the 21st century we should make it the first time that science and design really march together in close step, illustrating in this way their interdependence.”

Oddly enough, though, this kind of technology will most likely be used in the future in much less sexy ways, like to create practical things such as spray-on bandages and casts.

Cool though the construction of this dress may be, we know a lot of dudes are mostly wondering how to take it off.

Cover Photo: JULIEN DE ROSA / Contributor (Getty Images)