Police Ask Public For Help To Nab Brazen Skeleton Thieves, Punny Comments Will Kill You

Screenshot: SA Police

Remember when you played ‘cops and robbers’ as a kid? As a robber you would always attempt the heist of a lifetime: Gold, cash, a miniature replica of the Ghostbusters firehouse. Hey, a kid can dream.

Never did you imagine making off with a fiberlgass skeleton.

It appears adults — at least in Australia — have different priorities.

These three chaps below were caught on camera stealing a pricey skeleton from a building within a mall in South Australia. They even took the time and courtesy to take Bones onto the metro. Yup, they used public transportation as their get-away.

Of course the punny reactions to the police’s Facebook post was just about as good as the video itself.

Hopefully here’s a little something to brighten your day, something to make you feel alive again.

If you didn’t giggle at any of those you should head to the orthopedist and check for a funny bone.

Of course anyone who may recognize these bros on camera is urged to call crimestoppers. On another note, at least these guys didn’t use dog doo-doo to pull off the crime of the day.

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