AUSTRALIA - JUNE 10: Green sea turtle or Green turtle (Chelonia midas), Cheloniidae. Great Barrier Reef, Australia. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Meanwhile in South Carolina: Beachgoers Try to Ride Endangered Sea Turtle Laying Eggs, We Wish These People Were Extinct

People are the worst. No, seriously. It’s bad enough that they can’t leave each other alone, but when they can’t let nature be, either, it makes us wish the entire human race would go extinct. Case in point: a poor endangered sea turtle came ashore in South Carolina to lay her eggs…and beachgoers tried to ride her.

Officers arrived late one night to the beach last week to find “a large group of people surrounding and sitting on a large sea turtle,” according to a Horry County police report. The cowards all fled before they could get arrested for animal cruelty. The sea turtle fled, too, only returning later that night when it was safe to lay an incredible 77 eggs. The nest is currently under protection – because, as we’ve mentioned, people are awful.

The law is surprisingly specific when it comes to bothering these types of animals. The Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 and the Marine Turtle Protection Act states that “no person may take, possess, disturb, mutilate, destroy, cause to be destroyed, sell, offer for sale, transfer, molest or harass any marine sea turtle or its nests or eggs at any time.”

Did you read that, assholes? Don’t molest the turtles!

There are even restrictions on taking photographs of turtles. The photographer is required to stand behind the turtle and forego a flash. Of course, what Instagrammer these days can be trusted to abide by such guidelines?

We wish mama turtle and all her little babies the best. Here’s hoping they can make their home at sea somewhere that no human can reach.

Cover Photo: DEA / DANI-JESKE / Contributor (Getty Images)