Gisele Makes Saving Sea Turtle From Plastic Pollution the Sexiest Safe-For-Work Video We Have

Instagram has increasingly become home to NSFW videos, especially when there are models involved. The once wholesome photo-sharing site has turned into a pseudo-porn factory where you can find all sorts of naughty content (as long as it doesn’t show a nipple). But the latest post from Gisele Bündchen is totally watchable at work. That’s because it features the former Victoria’s Secret Angel rescuing a sea turtle.


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In the vid, Bündchen (dressed only in a sports bra, itty bitty shorts, and sneakers) squats next to an upside-down turtle tangled in a fishing net on the beach. She frees the turtle’s head from the net, then its flippers. She turns the flapping sea creature over, then carries it closer to the water and sets it down. The turtle awkwardly crawls back into the ocean on its own.

“Life is a series of opportunities that appear daily, and we choose what to do with them. Today was no different,” the model wrote in the lengthy caption of the post. “Today was no different. Early this morning I was walking on the beach and Onyx started barking at a pile of ocean trash that had washed during high tide. When I came closer I saw this beautiful turtle turned upside down with a look of hopelessness and exhaustion in her eyes, her body knotted and entangled in a fishing net.”

She continued: “I immediately started to free her from the net that was strangling her, but even after we got her untied, she was too tired to make her way back to the ocean. I didn’t think twice, I just picked her up and carry her to the water. (amazing how adrenaline can make you stronger!) I felt relieved and so happy to see her swim away freely, grateful that I was there and able to help.”

And she didn’t stop there. “But there are so many other animals that unfortunately end up dying on nets like this. Today I was reminded that we must become more aware of our ways as a species and help protect all animals, it’s our choice,” she wrote. “I pray that we can all rise and remember that the opportunity to change begins with a single act.”

She concluded the caption – which she also posted in Portuguese – with a prayer hands emoji. (OK, Mother Teresa of the turtles.)

The sexy do-gooder has gone viral, amassing over 1.8 million likes on the video. Honestly, we don’t know if we’d be interested in this warm, fuzzy story if it didn’t involve Bündchen’s six-pack abs and long, flowing locks. Maybe what the environmental movement needs to get people to pay more attention is some better-looking spokesmodels.

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