Investigator hands showing a package containing illegal drugs

Meanwhile in Florida: Woman Searching For Sea Turtles Discovers $1.2 Million in Cocaine, What a Bust

The strangest news comes out of Florida. All sorts of things wash up on shore in the Sunshine State – including illicit substances. One woman recently stumbled across a huge cocaine stash by accident.

Angy Chambers, a wildlife manager at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, was searching for sea turtles on the beach when she discovered a small plastic package tightly bound with tape. She alerted the 45th Security Forces Squadron, and soon a Brevard County Sheriff’s Office narcotics agent arrived on the scene.

All told, they recovered 18 packages stuffed with approximately 66 pounds of coke, valued at around $1.2 million. It’s considered a record bust for Cape Canaveral.

“This will be the biggest one that we’ve ever had at Patrick Space Force Base in the entire recorded history,” Timothy McCarty, commander of the 45th Security Forces Squadron, told WFLA. “It feels great that along the whole stretch of Florida that this much came up and didn’t get in the hands of bad people.”

We can only imagine the poor sap who was entrusted with delivering the drugs and somehow lost track of all that powder. And that’s nothing compared to what Chambers must’ve felt when her turtle search yielded nothing but drugs (that she couldn’t even partake in). What the shell?!

Cover Photo: Lucas Ninno (Getty Images)



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