Multi-ethnic police officers (20s). Focus on African American man.

Meanwhile in New York: Fake Cops Arrest Coke Dealer, Run Into Real Cops in Lobby (Whoopsidaisy)

There’s something so gratifying about criminals getting caught on account of their own stupidity. If you, too, enjoy this kind of schadenfreude, have we got a story for you. It takes place in New York, where three men posed as cops…only to eventually get caught by the real police.

It all started when Paris Fulton, Terrence McKee, and Rashiem Council traveled from Connecticut to the Bronx, dressed as fake NYPD officers. They knocked on the front door of an apartment belonging to alleged drug dealer Michael Garcia. When the three amigos announced their arrival, they claimed to be the cops, and forced their way inside, hoping to steal Garcia’s rumored stash of cocaine.

Garcia fled to the bedroom, but the fake cops forced him and another person onto the ground and threatened Garcia with a gun. They demanded to know where his drugs were, and Garcia indicated the closet. The fake cops did indeed discover bags of both coke and cash, which they snatched before handcuffing Garcia.

The fake cops took their booty and led their so-called suspect to the elevator, confident they were home free. Imagine their surprise when they encountered the real NYPD in the lobby! Apparently, a neighbor had heard all the commotion and called 911, summoning New York’s finest.

But wait! They didn’t get caught. At least, not yet. The fake cops exchanged some words with the real cops, then went on their merry way. The fear must’ve caught up to them, though, because once they hit the street, they started running. And that’s when the real cops got wise to what was going on.

Long story short: all three fake cops were eventually apprehended, along with $160,000 in cash and almost three kilos of coke.

The kicker? One of the fake cops claimed that Garcia was in on the whole thing so that the drug dealer could claim the police took all his drugs and money.

Can you fucking believe this? Somebody better turn this ordeal into a Cops satire, because that’s all these knuckleheads are good for: entertainment value.

Cover Photo: kali9 (Getty Images)