Meanwhile in Maine: Couple Arrested After Cops Discovered Cocaine Disguised as Cake (Is There Another Way?)

If you’re as much of a sugar addict as we here at Mandatory are, you know the delightful high you get after consuming a bunch of the white stuff. Racing heart, manic energy, euphoria – it’s all part of the sugar-eating experience. While we’ve never tried cocaine, we’ve heard the effects are similar. So it kind of makes sense that if you were looking for somewhere to hide coke, you’d turn to an insanely sweet pastry.

That’s what a couple in Maine figured when they were looking to disguise four pounds of coke as something innocuous. They pressed the drugs into a block and put it inside cake packaging. They even took the extra step of sprinkling coffee grounds on top to stifle the smell.

Alas, their plan to distribute the powder in Kennebec and Somerset Counties went awry when their vehicle was stopped along I-295 as it entered Gardiner. Soon, a drug-sniffing K9 was on the case, and discovered the coke cake plus $1,900 in cash, believed to be from a drug deal.

That extra-intoxicating coke cake was estimated to be worth a whopping $200K in street value – and it could cost the couple, who were charged with aggravated trafficking in a schedule W Drug, a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

Given all that, we think we’ll stick with binge-eating Entenmann’s, thanks.

Cover Photo: Maine Drug Enforcement Agency



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