Meanwhile in New Jersey: Cop Busted For Running Meth Lab Out of His Home, Would Almost Be Weirder If He Wasn’t

Even cops have side hustles. If they were smart, they’d be legal ones. But, well, you know. Cops. Take longtime police officer Christopher Walls, for example. The 50-year-old was recently arrested by his coworkers at the Long Branch Police Department after they were called to his house because of a domestic disturbance…and found a meth lab.

While they were there, someone tipped them off to Walls’ Breaking Bad-esque endeavors. The authorities discovered books about making meth as well as “cooking” ingredients and equipment in the basement and a shed. He also had explosives, poison, and several unsecured firearms stashed on the premises. Even worse? A kid was living in the home with him.

Walls was slapped with a slew of charges for meth production in addition to second-degree child endangerment and firearm possession. If he’s convicted on all counts, he could be behind bars for 60 years. (Yikes.)

“It is particularly distressing that this hazard was caused by a sworn law enforcement officer,” Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said in the statement.

Distressing? Yes. Surprising? No. We’d almost be more surprised if he wasn’t a Walter White wannabe.

Cover Photo: Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office