Meanwhile in California: Cops Dressed as Santa and Elf Apprehend Car Jackers

We know Santa brings toys to children all over the world. He does so with the help of the elves in his workshop. But did you know these Christmas characters also fight crime? They did recently in California.

An undercover cop dressed as Santa and a detective donning an elf costume were stationed near a shopping center in Riverside recently as part of a retail theft prevention program called “Santa’s Intervention.”

“Retail theft dramatically increases during the holiday shopping season and our detectives have been taking a proactive approach toward these crimes,” reads a Facebook post by the police department. That approach involves holiday-themed costumes and law enforcement officers stationed outside the shopping center, ready to apprehend thieves as they exit the store.

On the day in question, Santa and his elf were in the midst of making a slew of arrests outside of a Target store. First, there was a woman who walked out with a full cart of unpaid merchandise. Then, they nabbed a “local transient who is a habitual thief.” Finally, they cuffed a man who swiped $1,000 worth of LEGO sets.

But none of that compared to the crime-fighting they were about to do. Santa and his elf were outside the shopping center when they received word that three men were trying to steal a Honda CR-V in the parking lot. They swung into action, chasing down the car thieves. The elf pulled his gun and ordered one suspect to his knees. Santa arrested another one as a bystander yelled, “Get him, Santa!” The third got away in the CR-V, which was later found abandoned.

Of the two suspects in custody, one was identified and released. The other was charged with possession of illegal drugs and resisting arrest.

Let this be a lesson, naughty little boys and girls of the world: Santa’s always watching, and he’s packin’ more than a lump of coal.

Cover Photo: Facebook

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