Meanwhile in Amsterdam: T.I. Arrested After Crashing Into Cop Car, Raises Eyebrows with Shocking ‘Gram From Jail

If you’ve ever had a run-in with a cop, then you know it can be pretty hit or miss. Unless you’re T.I., then it’s going to be a direct hit.

That’s because the rapper, who was vacationing in Amsterdam to celebrate 11 years of marriage to his wife Tiny, was arrested after colliding with a cop car while out for an afternoon bike ride. But the bump and grind didn’t seem to phase T.I. one bit. In fact, the whole ordeal gave the Atlantan a brand new perspective on just how different police procedures in other countries can be.

For a guy who continues to publicly call for justice against police brutality, who knew getting arrested would put such a big smile on his face?

Here’s how it went down.

After accidentally knocking the side view mirror off a patrol car, T.I. was pulled over and placed under arrest. But instead of handcuffing him with excessive force (as we see so often around these parts), the police officer kindly asked him to step into the vehicle and take a ride to the station.

T.I. obliged.

But the civil treatment didn’t stop there. Take a look at Exhibit A: The Instagram post Tip sent out to his 13.6 million followers while he was sitting in jail.

After a quick and cordial release, T.I. chalked the “slight kerfuffle” up to a simple language barrier – as in neither party could agree who ran into who. Though it’s clear from the video above that Tip was on his phone at the time live-streaming his vacation. (Is that such a crime?)

We guess the lesson here is to put your phone down while operating a vehicle, otherwise, you might cause an accident and get arrested. On the other hand, if you have to get arrested, do it in Amsterdam, baby.

Cover Photo: Prince Williams (Getty Images)

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