Meanwhile in Massachusetts: Two-Headed Turtle Discovered in Cape Cod Gets Named After These Twin Celebrities

Talk about twinning! A two-headed turtle was recently discovered in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The diamondback terrapin has two noggins that work independently, a pair of gastrointestinal systems, double spines that fuse together at one point, and six legs, making the West Barnstable-born creature particularly rare.

“Similar to conjoined twins in human they share parts of their body but also have some parts that are independent,” reported staff at the Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center, where the bicephalous animal is currently in residence.

The twins are being fed a diet of blood worms and food pellets and are described “bright and active.” They’re so coordinated, they’ve even figured out how to navigate the water and come up for air when necessary.

“They are eating, swimming, and gaining weight each day,” staff said. “It is impossible to get inside the heads of these two, but it appears that they work together to navigate their environment.”

But the best part of this story is the name they’ve been given: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Yes, the Full House famous twins are now the namesake of a double-headed turtle. Now there’s a legacy the entertainers known for playing Michelle Tanner probably never saw coming.

Cover Photo: New England Wildlife Centers