halloween costumes
French Bulldog dog dressed up with funny selfmade cactus Halloween dog costume with fake arms and orange flowers standing on sandy ground

Ranked! The 18 Most Ridiculous Halloween Costumes For Pets (That Definitely Won’t Work For You Either)

What’s the point of having a pet if you don’t dress them up? Decking out our furry friends in absurd ensembles is half the fun of having a pet, and the best holiday to do just that is almost upon us. Yes, we’re talking about Halloween. To inspire you, we’ve scouted out the most outrageous get-ups on the internet for your canine or feline counterparts. Laugh, share, and or use these images to whip up your own embarrassing creation. These are the 18 most ridiculous Halloween costumes for pets (that definitely won’t work for you either), ranked!

Cover Photo: Firn (Getty Images)