Halloween candy

Mandatory Tweets: The Funniest ‘Check Your Kid’s Halloween Candy’ Jokes on Twitter

Halloween is all about the scares. But some of them aren’t related to goblins or ghouls, skeletons or serial killers – they’re concerning children’s candy. News stations, police departments, and helicopter parents on social media love to sound the alarm about harmful stuff being discovered in kids’ Halloween treats – everything from razor blades to THC.

But as with most things, the internet has had its way with the holiday fear-mongering, and turned it into a meme. People from all walks of life have taken to Twitter with their unique versions of a warning about what you might discover if you delve into a kid’s candy stash. From pop culture references to dad joke-style barbs, all you need is a picture of a candy bar and some basic Photoshop skills to partake in the frenzy.

These are the funniest “check your kid’s Halloween candy” jokes on Twitter.

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