Winner For Best Halloween Decorations Goes to This Guy Who’s All Boned Up

Some people really go all out when it comes to Halloween decorations. Take Alan Perkins, a man who lives in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, for example. For the past 11 years, he’s been spooking his neighbors with elaborate Halloween-themed displays. But this year, his creation went above and beyond – and then it went viral.

The homeowner erected a pair of massive skeleton hands that appear to be emerging from the ground and grabbing his house. Then he constructed a skull with a bulging eye that appears to be popping out of the roof. The jaw-dropping display took 25 days to come to fruition.

“I find larger-than-life things fun. A few years ago, I saw a picture that looked like someone had a Christmas tree that was too tall and broke through their roof. I liked the concept and applied a Halloween twist to it,” Perkins told TMRW in an email.

Pics he posted to Cleveland Haunt Club’s Facebook group started spreading around the internet, and now people come from far and wide to get an eyeful of this skeletal display.

“We have had a lot more traffic,” he said.

There’s one person, however, who is less than enthusiastic about Perkins’ enthusiasm for all things October 31st – the Mrs.

“My wife doesn’t rank Halloween in her top three holidays. She is supportive but doesn’t help decorate or create. It is my passion and hobby,” he said. “She likes to say she is a ‘Halloween widow’ and that during the month of October and most of September she didn’t see me at all. She just waters and feeds me as needed.”

Let’s hope she continues to do so, lest Perkins himself wither away and become as bony as the beings that populate his front lawn.

Cover Photo: Alan Perkins



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