Meanwhile in Utah: Kids Wearing Michael Myers Halloween Masks Freak One of Their Several Moms Out (Video)

If you think adults can be creepy, try hanging out with kids sometime – because they will freak you the fuck out. We offer up in example a video posted by a Utah mom who happened upon her two young daughters wearing Michael Myer-style Halloween masks.

“I wish I could make this up. I really do,” the mom says at the top of the video, which soon cuts to the two little girls on the floor of a bedroom. Both wear masks and one pushes the other in an infant swing. As if that weren’t scary enough, there’s a Chucky doll hovering in the corner.

Check it out:

“At least they’re quiet,” the mom concludes at the end of the vid.

Yes, but…weren’t we always taught to fear the quiet ones the most?

Cue ree-ree-ree score…

Cover Photo: New York Post



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