Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers Hilariously Announce World Tour With Unveiling of Secret Weapon

We interrupt your regularly scheduled existence to bring you this spicy newsbreak: After a quiet year and a half for live music, things are about to get properly kicked in the face by none other than Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The best newscast you’ll see all year is waiting for you below and spoiler alert, it involves a mustachioed Anthony Keidis, a wigged-out Flea, a super zen Chad Smith, a stoic John Frusciante, and the announcement of a 2022 world tour.

The band that formed in 1983 and went on to conquer radio with hits like ‘Give It Away’, ‘Under the Bridge’, and ‘Californication’ never stopped thrilling crowds with their electrifying live performances. But the stew that makes the Peppers so tasty had been missing a magic ingredient since 2009 when guitarist Frusciante – the golden hand behind all the juiciest riffs – left the band.

In 2019, after a crazy show at the Pyramids of Giza, Frusciante suddenly rejoined as the pharaohs had predicted. But before the funk-punk legends could properly cock their rock, the pandemic hit and their touring plans went up in smoke. With fans worried about the tenuous relationship between bandmates, the future looked bleak for a RHCP return to form.

Now the future is looking succulent. Here’s a taste:

Even if the exact dates are still being hammered out it appears the Masters of Mayhem will be storming the stage in 2022 come hell or high water. And if it turns out to be high water, all the better. We can just ride the mellowship under the bridge to the otherside – if you catch our drift.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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