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Cindy Crawford Recreates Sexy Pepsi Ad, Daisy Dukes and All, For Instagram Thirst Trap

The more things change, the more things stay the same…and thank goodness for that, because some pieces of Americana deserve to live forever. We’re waxing nostalgic in particular about a Pepsi ad that supermodel Cindy Crawford did in 1992.

In case you missed it (because you weren’t born yet or were too young), it was the stuff of prepubescent boy fantasies. The sexy stunner rode into a rinky dink town in a hot rod, then emerged in a tight white tank and itty bitty Daisy Dukes. She sauntered over to a pop machine and refreshed herself with a Pepsi. See for yourself:

Now, almost 30 years later, Crawford has returned, looking sexy as ever, to recreate that magical moment in advertising. According to an Instagram post, she teamed up with photographer David Yarrow and went back to the Halfway House Café where the ad was shot. There, she donned the same skintight outfit and voluminous hair and sipped on a can of Pepsi as two dogs looked on from a red, vintage convertible.


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The project was intended to raise funds for American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, where Crawford’s brother was treated for leukemia. Thanks to Yarrow’s photography gallery and its sales, the crew has already raised $1 million.

In other words, even at 55 years old, Cindy Crawford is still worth a million bucks. Thirst trap successful.

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