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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 03: Channing Tatum speaks during a media call on December 03, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images)

Meanwhile in Williamsburg: Stroller Mafia Moms Unite to Track Down Channing Tatum and Steal Him Away From Zoe Kravitz

Channing Tatum has been milling around Williamsburg lately with the newly divorced Zoë Kravitz, with whom he is working on her directorial debut, the provocatively titled Pussy Island. But if one group of local moms has its way, the duo, who have been seen giggling and gooey-eyed as they get coffee and ride bikes together, they won’t remain close for long.

As Page Six reported, there’s a group text chain circulating among the “stroller mafia” in the neighborhood – and they’re hunting the Magic Mike star.

“Has anyone seen CHANNING TATUM is dating ZOË KRAVITZ and they’ve been seen around Williamsburg. My goal this week is to find them. WHO IS WITH ME?” one mom allegedly wrote.

“Someone told me she lives on South [BLEEP] Street. I think it’s best if we split up into teams and cover as much ground from Leonard to [BLEEP] Street,” another mom chimed in.

“I see Zoë on my street ALL THE TIME. But not yet with Magic Mike,” a third offered.

“I saw them walking through McCarren Park! Almost threw my baby at them as a conversation starter,” a drama mama admitted.

The thirsty moms then decided to move their play dates to McCarren Park to increase their chances of catching a glimpse – or maybe even a grope? – of the former exotic dancer.

We wish them luck on their celebrity hunting mission – but won’t be surprised when not even the most luscious MILF among them is unable to lure him away from Kravitz – or Pussy Island.

Cover Photo: Kelly Defina / Stringer (Getty Images)