11 Clues That Prove Mike Myers is Actually ‘Halloween Kills’ Michael Myers

When it comes to Hollywood secrets, there’s no unexploded bombshell bigger than the saga of Mike Myers. The movie star who allegedly hit it big in 1989 when he joined the cast of SNL has gone on to become a box office legend with over $4 billion in global receipts (despite never publicly releasing a film around Halloween). But the man famous for championing hungry Scotsman and animated trolls alike has been living a double life the entire time.

It turns out Mike, born Michael John Myers to British immigrants who moved to Canada after WWII, really began his acting career at the age of two, appearing in local commercials around Scarborough Ontario. In 1977, by the time he was 16, Mike was on his way to stardom when he mysteriously shortened his screen name after the hit movie Halloween terrified audiences across North America and drew unwanted attention to the Scarborough Boogeyman. Thus began the biggest cover-up in Hollywood history.

Today, after witnessing the non-stop slaughter-fest that is Halloween Kills, we ask ourselves when will the killing stop? The answer: Only when the secret link is finally revealed between the Hollywood slasher and his playboy counterpart known simply as Mike. Putting our own lives in danger, we felt it was our duty to prove this connection once and for all for the good of Jamie Lee Curtis acquaintances everywhere. Tell our wife and kids we love them.

Cover Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin and Ron Galella, Ltd. (Getty Images)

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