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Meanwhile on TikTok: Fearless 4-Year-Old Girl Runs Into the Arms of Michael Myers

Most 4-year-olds are obsessed with characters from Frozen, Paw Patrol, or SpongeBob SquarePants. But one little girl in West Corvina, California, has an unusual favorite fictional person: Michael Myers.

Yes, Aria Alvarado stans the 1978 star of the slasher films Halloween. (How she even knows who Michael Myers is, we don’t know. Those films are definitely not appropriate for childhood viewing!) And for her birthday, her mother brought the terrifying killer to life.

In a now-viral TikTok video, the Halloween theme song begins to play as Aria scans her surroundings for a sighting of Michael Myers.

“I love him!” she shouts as she searches.

“Not by yourself,” her loved ones warn. But Aria isn’t afraid. In fact, when Myers appears, she yells, “Michael Myers, I love you!” Then she charges towards him and jumps into his arms.

@vxmpyraMicheal Myers surprised her at her birthday party, Can you tell she loves him? ##michaelmyers ##spookybaby ##viralvideo ##viraltiktok ##viralvideosofficial ##viralvideos ##halloweenbaby ##spookygirl

♬ Halloween Theme – John Carpenter & Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies

“Micheal [sic] Myers surprised her at her birthday party, Can you tell she loves him?” Aria’s mom captioned the video.

Luckily, the man playing Myers was Aria’s dad and not some bloodthirsty creeper.

“We knew she liked him, but we did not expect her to react like that,” Aria’s mom told Today. “Her reaction was so funny, so I thought I’d post the little video online.”

That “little video” now has millions of views. As for Aria, we’re sure this was one birthday she’ll never forget.

Cover Photo: TikTok



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