Madonna Freaks Out Fans With Pre-Grammys TikTok Video, News Flash: She’s Old

We don’t know where people got the idea that celebrities don’t age, but that philosophy sure seems to dominate the internet. Just take, for example, a recent video posted by Madonna that left fans freaking out over her appearance.

Before we proceed, let us remind you all that the “Material Girl” is 63 years young. As in, old enough to be your grandma. So before you start dropping criticisms left and right, keep that in mind.

As we were saying, the Queen of Pop made a video. It dropped on TikTok just before the 2022 Grammy Awards on Sunday. In the 13-second clip, Madge was wearing a black sheer top and silver chains (including a cross). Her blonde hair was tied back in four braids and she sported pink, pouty lips. She leaned toward the camera as if about to plant a kiss on it.

@madonna♬ original sound – madonna

That’s it. That’s the video.

Followers were unsettled, to put it mildly.

“Great! How am I supposed to close my eyes and fall asleep now!?” one commented.

“This honestly scared me I’m not gonna lie. I’m just going to remember how fabulous she was in the 90s. She was an icon,” another lamented.

“I’ve loved Madonna since I was little … huge fan… love her … but this is a hard pass… what has she done to herself?” a third asked.

Hey, people! It’s called aging, and it happens to the best of us. Madonna looks better than most of us will in our 60s, and if she needed a little Botox or a nip and tuck to get there, so be it.

Maybe, though, instead of rando vids like this one, she should stick to the sexy stuff.

Cover Photo: TikTok


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