QAnon Spouts Wild Will Smith Theories After Chris Rock Slap at Oscars

QAnon conspiracy theorists can make anything seem sketchy. Even a simple slap at the Oscars.

We’re talking, of course, about the slap heard around the world (and seen on television all over the globe) during the Academy Awards on Sunday. It occurred after Chris Rock told a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s bald head. The actress suffers from alopecia, or hair loss. The actress didn’t find it funny, and neither did her husband, Will Smith. So Smith slapped Rock, in perhaps the only moment that ever made the Oscars worth watching.

But QAnon crazies just can’t let us have this one thing. They already started spinning wild theories about what the slap actually meant – rather than being the retribution Chris Rock has had coming for his offensive jokes for a long time.

Max Blumenthal, a Russia propaganda pushed, tweeted a meme about how the slap would distract from the invasion of Ukraine.

“Just in time for the flood of Azov atrocity videos,” he wrote.

Members of QAnon channel Telegram also got in on the rumor spreading, claiming that the whole slap situation was staged.

“Distraction… something big is about to drop,” one predicted.

(Bigger than the most salacious moment in Oscars history?)

“Staged… to boost ratings and to make everybody talk about Will Smith and Chris Rock in Hollywood and stop talking about President Trump,” another opined.

(Wait…since when were we talking about former president Trump? That’s so 2016.)

“It’s not a fake incident but definitely clone cuz Will Smith is dead,” a third outrageously stated.


If you’re confused, don’t feel bad. Even the dudes making this shit up can’t follow the threads of their own lies.

“I am losing track of who is good and who is bad is Will Smith good or bad?” someone queried.

Gentlemen, with all due respect (actually, you wackos don’t deserve respect; we take it back), you’re asking the wrong questions.

Cover Photo: Robyn Beck (Getty Images)



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