tiger king condom

‘Tiger King’ Fans Scramble to Find Elusive Joe Exotic Condoms, Currently Most Ironic Way to Ensure Nobody Sleeps With You

If you thought Tiger King was an accidental fad that would pass, think again. The interest in Netflix’s docuseries about big cat owners and their love lives, rivalries, and mishaps didn’t happen only because we were all stuck at home during the pandemic. We’re now two years out and people are still talking about the insane exploits we saw there as the series expands into two more seasons, a special, four documentaries, a limited series, and a memoir.

Oh, and don’t forget the merch. To wit: fans are scrambling to find condoms with Joe Exotic’s face on them. If they can find them, they’re shelling out big bucks for the gawdy rubbers – for astronomical prices.

“If anyone can find a link to Joe Exotic’s condom for sale, I will not only be your new friend, but I may also give you one of the condoms,” one such prophylactic-seeker named Niccolaio wrote on Reddit. “I didn’t know where else to turn. I know you can do it. Please, I really want one framed in my house.”

Another Redditor, Astrophsx, bid $520 for one on eBay, but was unsuccessful in securing the condom. Others have been spotted on eBay for $200, while MiserableBuy9 advertised “one unopened Joe Exotic campaign condom… in perfect condition” for a whopping $1,000 on Reddit.

The irony? Most owners of the coveted latex products didn’t even pay for them in the first place. Some were obtained in 2016 during Joe Exotic’s presidential campaign rallies, hence the tagline, “For your protection, vote Joe Exotic.” Another design appears to have been available at Exotic’s former zoo, Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma.

We don’t know how you’ll manage to get your greedy little hands on these strange pieces of memorabilia, but we do know one thing for sure: showing them off is a guaranteed way to never get laid again.

Cover Photo: Twitter