Meanwhile in Texas: Wannabe Tiger King’s Bengal Escapes, Causes Standoff With Houston Neighbors Who Took Walk to Mailbox For Granted

Don’t mess with Texas. And definitely don’t mess with your tiger-owning Texan neighbor or you could end up in a tense standoff like these two dudes did.

It all went down in Houston on Sunday night when a tiger was found roaming the streets of a residential neighborhood. An armed man was close behind, aiming his weapon at the big cat.

“Get the fuck back inside. Fuck you and your fucking tiger,” the big, bearded armed man yelled at the apparent owner.

“I’ll get him, I’ll get him,” the owner replied.

Of course this was all caught on video – and shared widely on social media.

“There is a freaking Bengal tiger roaming in this yard and this dude needs to be careful,” a woman who filmed the incident can be heard saying. “What the heck? Why is there a tiger?”

The owner wrangled the oversized kitten back into his home. Given how angry (and trigger-happy) his neighbor was, he’s lucky his exotic pet was still alive. Sure, tigers are fierce, but they’re no match for bullets.

We just don’t get it; hasn’t this dude seen Tiger King? No good can come from owning these beasts, beautiful though they may be.

The incident was reported to police, but there’s no word on whether or not action was taken against the big cat’s owner. One thing’s for sure – the neighbors will never take a simple walk to the mailbox for granted ever again.

Cover Photo: @michaelschwab13 (Twitter)

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