Meanwhile in Texas: Man Shot by His Dog, Clearly Messed With Texas

If you own a dog, you probably spend a fair portion of your life walking it, taking it out to go to the bathroom, and feeding it. You might take better care of that pooch than you do yourself. It returns the favor by lying at the foot of your bed, jumping on you when you get home from work, and pretty much being devoted to you through and through. It doesn’t usually return the favor by shooting you.

That’s exactly what happened recently in Plano, Texas. It should be noted that this obviously wasn’t the dog’s fault. We assume we’re not dealing with some kind of deranged, gun-wielding dog bent on world domination.

No, this was simply a mistake by an absent-minded gun owner. The man was shot in the leg by his dog last week when he lifted his dog up and the pup’s paw got stuck on the trigger of a gun that for some unknown reason was resting in his waistband.

Luckily for this gun fan, the bullet went straight through his leg and didn’t hit any major arteries. Regardless, we assume he’ll think twice before being so careless with a firearm in the future.

Let this be a cautionary tale. For one thing, don’t tuck a gun in your waistband. This isn’t a movie after all. Secondly, there’s something called a safety that’s designed to make sure your gun doesn’t randomly go off and shoot you.

Photo: baona (Getty Images)

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