Meanwhile With Dogs: Weatherman’s Hungry Pup Steals the Actual Show (And a Treat) During Weather Report (Video)

Talk about raining cats and dogs – or maybe just dogs. A Toronto weatherman recently went viral, not because of his forecast but because of an unexpected visitor who crashed his live broadcast.

Meteorologist Anthony Farnell was telling viewers that Saturday would be dry during the day and rainy in the evening when his four-legged friend, aptly named Storm, sauntered in front of the green screen. The mini goldendoodle approached his owner twice, then sniffed around in pursuit of a treat, which he eventually found and scarfed down as the extended forecast flashed behind him.

The pup continued to hover and prance around throughout the almost three-minute weather report.

“Yes, Storm is in the building, getting some treats, walking on thin air,” said Farnell, who didn’t let the dog’s unexpected appearance ruffle his feathers.

Viewers were delighted with the surprise guest.

“What a good boy. He doesn’t really interrupt him, just watches his owner and checks out the scene,” one wrote.

“What a cutie. And so well mannered! My dog would be whining and huffing and puffing for more treats,” another commented.

“It is the dog days of August afterall,” someone else joked.

Storm is no stranger to fame. He’s become the furry face of Global News and is soaking up every minute of it. He even has his own Instagram account.


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We don’t know what the weather holds, but the future sure looks bright for this pup.

Cover Photo: YouTube