Meanwhile at the VMAs: Conor McGregor Tussles With Machine Gun Kelly After Getting Denied Selfie, Feels Like a ‘Things Megan Fox Does to Men’ Moment

Conor McGregor hasn’t had much luck inside the ring these days, so it looks like he’s taking his aggressions to the red carpet. And the object of his wrath at this year’s VMA’s was none other than Machine Gun Kelly, AKA Daddy Fox.

The two pasty fighters got into it halfway down the red carpet at New York’s Barclay Center ahead of the night’s festivities after McGregor was allegedly denied a selfie with the rapper. But was it MGK he wanted a snap with or the irresistible Megan Fox whose naked dress broke every heart in the building?

Obviously, McGregor who was presenting at the awards show was feeling vulnerable in his hot pink blazer (the same look MGK wore last year), and the public rejection catapulted him into a frenzy, prompting him to throw his drink at the couple and launch a fist or two toward MGK’s glittered face.

But the fists landed miles away as McGregor’s 5’9″ frame couldn’t scale MGK’s 6’4″ heights. Security guards were quick to intervene, dashing all hopes of what would have been the most interesting moment of the night.

Check out the full lead-up and aftermath below:

Minutes later, a reporter asked MGK what the fight was all about. In response, the Cleveland rapper simply let out a sigh, slapped the mic down, and walked away.

Conor, on the other hand, was an open book. “Nothing happened with me, I only fight real fighters. People that actually fight,” he said. “I certainly don’t fight little Vanilla Ice white rappers. I don’t even know the guy. I don’t know anything about him, except that he’s with Megan Fox.”

Who knows who would have won the matchup between the two tough guys, but Machine Gun Kelly did snag a trophy for MTV’s Best Alternative video for his song ‘My Ex’s Best Friend’. So even though the song blows, we guess he’s technically a winner?

With so much tension in the air, we can’t wait to see the real McGregor – Kelly showdown on pay-per-view. With the rise of YouTuber fight nights, we have a feeling that day will come. Who’s your money on?

Cover Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin (Getty Images)

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