YouTuber Jake Paul Wins 4 Straight Fights, Claims to Be Next Muhammad Ali, We’re Just Impressed He Can Still Count to 4

Jake Paul is a walking contradiction. He’s one of boxing’s highest-paid fighters but hasn’t yet proven himself in the ring. He’s one of the worst human beings on the internet but gave his undercard fighters the best payday they’ve ever seen. And we’re not sure he knows what two plus two is, but his fourth win inside the ring has netted him an alleged $2 million.

So if we can’t quite make up our minds about Jake Paul’s boxing career it’s really not our fault – neither can he. The Problem Child himself claims to be the next Muhammad Ali (and Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather), promising to be the greatest rising star in modern pugilism.

But then he tweets this:

Sure, despite the abbreviated eight rounds and lack of boxing polish, the Sunday night fight at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Paul’s hometown of Cleveland Ohio was not without its moments. But the split decision victory is hardly the match to go out on.

Former UFC champ Tyron Woodley gave Paul his stiffest competition yet, ringing the YouTuber’s bell midway through the fourth round of his boxing debut. But 24-year-old Paul led the action most of the way, with a much more active performance than his Geriatric Millennial opponent.

Sadly, both fighters looked a bit like dehydrated speedrunners by the final round, though Woodley had just enough gas in the tank to begin mounting his comeback. If only it had gone to 12 (like a normal prizefight), we’d give this one to Woodley.

After Paul was crowned the winner, both fighters exchanged words, all but promising a rematch under one condition: Woodley will have to get an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo.

Apparently, the dude agreed.

While that fight is sure to draw a lot of eyeballs, our hope is that if Paul unretires from boxing (he will) then his next fight should be against Mike Tyson. That way we’ll all be able to see if the next Mike Tyson is a brash, gormless YouTuber from Cleveland or the one currently smoking weed at a farm in California.

Until then, here are the highlights:

Cover Photo: Jason Miller (Getty Images)

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