Meanwhile on Social Media: Idiot YouTuber Busted Driving on Protected Beaches, Another Self-Incriminating Video Gets Us Closer to Terrible ‘Oceans 11’ Reboot

Jake Paul rose to fame on YouTube by being one of the worst human beings on the planet. And now, after posting a video of himself driving along a protected beach in Puerto Rico during turtle nesting season, it looks like Paul is showing no signs of taking his foot off the gas.

The incident is just another in a long string of attention-grabbing misdeeds Paul’s built his career on, including sexual assault allegations, xenophobia, multiple acts of fraud, and illegal possession of firearms (to name but a few). To unpack the prolific transgressions of this 24-year-old would take days, maybe weeks.

For his latest violation, Puerto Rican authorities are looking to slap charges on Paul, who briefly posted a video of the incident to Instagram before taking it down. But so far, the careless antics of fame-chasing YouTubers haven’t led to any real consequences in the eyes of the law.

In 2020, the FBI raided Paul’s house, discovering a cache of illegal guns, but no charges have been filed, despite children often being present in his home to film social media content. The raid occurred after a video surfaced of Paul taking part in the looting of a P.F. Chang’s in Arizona following a BLM protest. As you can see, posting self-incriminating videos on the internet is kind of this guy’s specialty.

When he’s not posting videos to YouTube, Paul is busy lowering the bar on professional boxing with amateurish bouts against fellow YouTubers, basketball players, and amateur wrestlers. Hopefully, Jake Paul’s new passion is a way to ditch his calling card in favor of more constructive tendencies. Either way, we’re excited for him to step into the ring with a real boxer – to test his pugilistic prowess, of course, and not to beautifully illustrate how a career in bullshitting can quickly be obliterated with a left hook to the face.

Cover Photo: Alexander Tamargo (Getty Images)

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