Fake Famous

The Mandatory ‘Fake Famous’ Guide to Building Your Social Media Empire

Influencers. They’re the people we love to hate. Secretly, though, we’re insanely jealous. Imagine making a living by posting selfies, trying out products, traveling, hitting up events, and otherwise living your fabulous life on social media. OK, so it might not be as picture-perfect as it seems on the internet, but we’d still trade our day jobs for a taste of Instagram fame.

How does one get to be an influencer anyway? That’s the question journalist Nick Bilton tries to answer in a new HBO Max documentary called Fake Famous. In this filmed social experiment, Bilton follows three 20-somethings – actor Dominique Druckman (@dominiquedruckman), designer Chris Bailey (@chrisvsmyself) and executive assistant Wylie Heiner (@wylezzz, 2,528 followers) – as he attempts to transform them from mildly popular into trending influencer. (And is successful with at least one of them.)

You, too, can become “fake famous.” It just takes a few tricks of the trade, and we’ve rounded them all up for you. Follow these tips, start posting, and watch your follower count explode.

Cover Photo: HBO

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