This Week in Social Media: 2 Influencers Feud After Both Gave Same Awful Name to Their Babies

If you’re somehow new to the internet (first of all, how are you reading this?), you might not know what an influencer is. These people who have large swaths of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and other apps and are so called because of their ability to literally influence people into buying things. Many have gained some type of notoriety even if all they do is have someone else take their photo in front of an interesting destination or a close-up of a bowl of ramen. Literally, that’s it.

While many influencers have hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers, most of them are really more glitz than substance and aren’t really all that exciting. Every now and then, something exciting does happen in the world of influencers. This was the case when two so-called “influencers” decided to give their babies similar, terrible names.

The feud is between model Jessica Hart and consignment store owner Sasha Benz. For some reason, they’re battling it out because both of them gave their children horrible names. You see, Hart recently had a child and named it “Baby.” That should already make the news because of the embarrassing name selected.

If we didn’t think things could get more cringy in this story, they have. That’s because the real story is that her rival had a daughter three years ago and named it “Baybi.” Apparently, Benz wasn’t impressed with Hart, believing that she was the only one allowed to give her child a sideshow name.

We hear they’re friends and that’s why the duo is mad at each other. Benz is “devastated” by this new, horribly-named baby. While this might be rocking her world, at least she can rest easy that she must have the easiest life in the whole world if this is something that bothers her for even five minutes. Good job.

Photo: Gotham (Getty Images)

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