Influencers Claim Daily Harvest Crumbles Sent Them to Hospital (But Strangely Didn’t Stop Them From Creating Content)

Oh, influencers. We’re certainly sick of them. And now they seem to be sick, too, if not of themselves, then from something else. Specifically, Daily Harvest French Lentil + Leek Crumbles.

A slew of influencers (and some regular folks, too) have complained of unusual medical symptoms, including gastrointestinal distress and increased liver enzymes, after consuming the plant-based product. But it wasn’t until anecdotal accounts started spreading on social media that people connected the dots and realized what was making them ill – and stumping doctors across the country.

Influencer Abby Silverman shared her story of woe after ingesting the lentil crumbles from the mail-order food company in this now-viral video.

@abby.silverman this is so f**ked up… #fyp ♬ original sound – Abigail Silverman

The irony is that influencers have been using their experiences as grist for the mill to make more content (have we come full circle yet?). To its credit, the company – which was built on the word-of-mouth generated by influencers – announced a voluntary recall of the crumbles.

“That is what built them up to be like a billion-dollar valuation company, is all these influencers who did the marketing for them,” one such influencer, Cory Silverstein, told CNN. He and his wife, who own an organic skincare brand, received a PR package of French Lentin and Leek Crumbles last month. “At this point, it’s the influencers who are alerting the public that you might end up in the hospital if you eat this product.”

So far, 470 people have reported illness or adverse reaction connected to eating the crumbles. One even had to have their gallbladder removed. (Lawsuits are forthcoming, obviously.) Daily Harvest has said in a statement that it is “working with a group of experts” to figure out what’s causing the symptoms but has yet to find the culprit.

Maybe while they’re investigating, they could figure out what makes influencers so obnoxious. Last time we checked, there’s no cure for that.

Cover Photo: TikTok


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