Pete Davidson

The Pete Davidson Guide to Making a Woman Laugh (So She’ll Forget How Unattractive You Are)

You don’t have to be handsome to score the hottest chicks. Nobody knows this better than Ariana Grande’s ex-funnyman and Kim Kardashian’s current court jester, Pete Davidson. That’s because making women laugh is an easy way to break the ice and not only that, it also releases endorphins. Endorphins occur naturally as a response to pain or stress. However, they also occur during other essential activities like eating, exercising, or having sex.

Obviously, making a woman laugh like you’re Pete Davidson will get them so hot they forget you’re basically a gross loser. Instead, they’ll associate you with the same thrilling rush as getting off. For starters, let’s be honest, you’re no Pete Davidson. Nobody even knows who you are, but honestly, that’s OK. Nobody used to know who Pete Davidson was until he dated Ariana Grande. That is to say, your time will come.

For example, even though you’re just some unsightly guy, you too can morph from an ugly caterpillar into a beautiful, hilarious butterfly by making a woman you don’t deserve think you’re the funniest dude ever. And it all starts with mastering your ability to make women laugh. So get her endorphins going with the Pete Davidson guide to making women laugh so hard they forget you’re unattractive.

Cover Photo: Gotham (Getty Images)


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