Meanwhile in San Francisco: Restaurant Ditches $72 Fried Rice Dish Because It Attracted Too Many Douchebags

Let’s give it up for the San Franciscans who nearly put a small Vietnamese restaurant called Lily out of business… all over a $72 fried rice influencers described as delicious. The rice in question was called the #1 Dac Biet Fried Rice on their menu, but in the kitchen, it was referred to as “#1 Douchebag Fried Rice.” Of course, what makes fried rice special enough to cost nearly a hundred dollars? We’re so glad you asked.

The star of the crispy wok-seared fried rice dish was King and Dungeness crab and Bintochan Grilled A4 Miyazaki Kobe, which was topped with White Sturgeon Caviar, Raw Jidori Egg Yolk, and Perigord Black Truffle XO. Rob Lam, the chef behind the concept came up with the dish as a troll on the over-the-top gimmicks restaurants use to lure in both press and influencers, and it definitely worked… almost a little too well, in fact.

It turns out, #1 Douchebag Fried Rice really appealed to douchebags, with the restaurant getting over 20 orders of the dish per night. Unfortunately, the dish was totally labor-intensive and took forever to make, and resulted in an overworked kitchen staff that hated the gimmick dish and the people who ordered it.

Last month, Lily said farewell to #1 Douchebag Fried Rice the old-fashioned way, with a post on Instagram saying they were discontinuing it, “We did this as a joke! A stoned-out, bored-ass, pandemic gift. To soothe a take-out nation during the holidays. It was a two-week special! We never meant for this to take off! This dish isn’t even Vietnamese!!!”


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Let’s pour one out for the Silicon Valley douchebags who will have to find a dumber way than overpriced fried rice to wasted nearly a hundo. Perhaps it will be with golden Diet Coke ice cream or whatever the next insane trend might be.

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