holiday celebration Thanksgiving and Christmas meal middle aged male aggressively eating turkey with knife and fork (photos professionally retouched - Photoshop effects added for image enhancement where needed) REMOVED chromatic aberration from knife

Mandatory Thanksgiving Battles: White Meat vs. Dark Meat

Every Thanksgiving, we’re met with that ticking time bomb of having to stare our favorite people in the eye as the poultry plate finds its way around to us, and we’re forced to decide — white meat or dark.

Every Friendsgiving can be divisive in myriad ways. Your best friend brought your ex to the dinner you’re hosting. Bold move. And the only friend without kids lets a couple of casual expletives fly before the cheese board even hits the table. But the question, old as time but rarely spoken of, separates the men from the boys, the diet fascists from the socialists. That plate may be an innocent bystander in all of us, but the question of just how much dark meat matters is at the heart of every Thanksgiving table this year and forever.

When the turkey lands in front of you, will you only take white or dark, or maybe a unified gobble of both? It might seem a simple quandary, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see this is no argument to squawk at. Welcome to the biggest debate of Thanksgiving.

Photo: eyecrave productions (Getty Images)