California restaurant
Young bearded man finished dinner and blotted his white shirt

Meanwhile in California: Italian Restaurant Only Serves Unvaccinated Guests (Spaghetti With a Side of Covid, Anyone?)

Talk about an Uno Reverse Card in the coronavirus pandemic! A Huntington Beach, California restaurant is only allowing unvaccinated diners to enjoy its Italian fare.

Basilico’s Pasta e Vino has been a staunch anti-vax business throughout the past year and a half. When every other venue was shuttering, it stayed open, despite Covid safety mandates. It shunned reopening guidelines that limited service to outdoor dining with social distancing and masks, and now it’s refusing to dish up food to anyone smart enough to have gotten a shot in the arm. (Though how people will prove they’re unvaccinated is unclear.)

One billboard advertising the restaurant took inspiration from The Godfather with the slogan, “Leave the mask, take the cannoli.” It’s also posted “Wanted For Treason” posters targeting experts like White House Covid adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

The restaurant has even founded an organization uncleverly called Make Restaurants Great Again, through which it made what it’s calling a “Pledge of Defiance,” stating that the business “has openly and aggressively attacked the lockdowns and has proudly done so only in defense of American Liberty and Freedom [sic], risking everything for the stated principles.”

Mama mia! This is all a little hard to swallow. How about just shut up and make us some spaghetti already? Hold the Covid.

Cover Photo: Martin Steinthaler (Getty Images)