Meanwhile on TikTok: Woman Earns Guinness World Record Showing Off Ridiculous Size of Her Mouth, Think They Call That a Trophy Wife

Photo: tiktok.com/@samramsdell

If you’ve paid close attention to the strange news (like we have) during the COVID pandemic, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of people have been breaking word records  in the last year and a half. Honestly, how could they not? For the first year of the outbreak, many people spent a majority of their time stuck in their homes completely bored. They dribbled basketballs, balanced things, bounced ping pong balls, and even hugged trees all in an effort to get a world record. But one woman didn’t have to do anything to get included in the record book. She simply opened her mouth.

@samramsdell5##duet with @guinnessworldrecords turning my biggest flaw/ insecurity into my biggest asset- I love you guys!!!! ##guinnessworldrecords♬ original sound – Guinness World Records

31-year-old Samantha Ramsdell of Connecticut is a TikToker who’s gone viral many times because she makes videos where she shows off her giant mouth gape. This eventually led to a Guinness adjudicator showing up, but they didn’t simply measure her massive maw at her house, they actually went to her dentist’s office with her in South Norwalk, Connecticut, and, with the help of the dentist, measured it there. It came out to be a ridiculous 2.56 inches. Thus, making it a world record.

She has 1.7 million followers on TikTok and has even made videos with the male world record holder Isaac Johnson. If you think her gape is big, his is 4 inches. Now that’s what we call a big mouth.


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