Damn Hippies: Woman Breaks Most Boring World Record Hugging a Tree For 10 Hours

Photo: ac productions (Getty Images)

If you look up the phrase “world record” in a search engine, you’re going to be inundated with links featuring amazing feats of strength, skill, and will power. You’ll also notice that there are a lot more people breaking so-called world records during the COVID-19 pandemic. It makes sense. What else are we all going to do while we’re stuck inside for months at a time? While many world records were broken in people’s kitchens and living rooms, one woman in Tennessee decided that she should venture outside into the scary natural world to break her record. What’s the record, you ask? Well, it’s tree hugging.

Yes, literally tree hugging. We’re not talking about tie-dyed-adorned, hyper-conservationist hippies who chain themselves to trees to stop loggers or developers from pillaging them. We’re talking about a wacky woman who thought that a good use of her free time was to wrap her arms around a tree and hug it for 10 full hours.

This brings up a number of questions for us. The first is why would anyone attempt to break this world record? Also, why is 10 hours the world record? That honestly doesn’t seem like a long enough time. We hope someone breaks the record this week just to be a jerk. We’d do it, but we actually have lives.

Adrienne Long apparently has a lot of free time. The Chattanooga resident spent 10 hours and 5 minutes hugging a walnut tree at Heritage Park in the city. The previous record, surprisingly, was only eight hours and 15 minutes. We’d spend more time making fun of this overly boring world record, but Long live-streamed the fast-paced action and raised money for the local Audubon Society.

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