Woman Creates Quarantine Barbie and It’s Spot-On 2020

We’re all bored to death by now of quarantine. Some of us have discovered new hobbies. Others are making art. One grandma has created a line of quarantine Barbies and they’re hilarious AF.

Tonya Ruiz, a former model, is the mastermind behind the @grandmagetsreal Instagram account which has gone viral with images of the COVID-19-inspired dolls.

“I had always wanted to make parody Barbies like I had seen on the Ellen show,” she told Delish. “She had funny realistic ones like Distracted Driver Barbie and Hoarder Barbie. When the quarantine started and I saw a couple of funny ‘Pandemic Barbies’—one was drinking wine, another had toilet paper and Clorox—I thought I should make a Realistic Curvy Barbie like me—wearing stretch pants and eating snacks.”

Ruiz’s creations feature female dolls like Stay Home Curvy Barbie “Wearing Stretchy Pants,” with chocolate-smeared faces surrounded by junk food, a bottle of Jim Beam, and sanitizing wipes. There’s also Essential Worker Barbie, complete with a face mask and latex gloves, purchasing grocery staples at a cash register.

And then there’s the Barbie two-fer that captures 2020 perfectly: My Plans vs. 2020 Barbie. On one side is a slim, perfectly put together doll with her organic food and exercise equipment; on the other side is a slob in a stained T-shirt and quarantine hair eating pizza with ranch dressing.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy these dolls but, damn, would they make the perfect presents for all of your quarantine-fatigued friends come Christmas.

Cover Photo: @grandmagetsreal (Instagram)

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